2 Years Old through Pre K 5 Year Olds

We wrap up the month with a truth that we hope all our toddlers and preschoolers never, ever, ever forget. Nothing can separate us from God’s love – no distance, no circumstance, no bad choice – nothing. And because of everything we have learned about God, they can Press Play and trust that God loves them, always! Be sure to download the Parent Cue to help you guide your child through the lesson. Then, grab some heart stickers to use on the Coloring Page to help you review all the places we can find God’s love.


We have three ways you can join us for the lesson:

In-person on Sunday at 11. Reserve your spot on Church Reserve.  

Zoom small groups on Sunday morning at 9:15. Text pssg to 703-971-4673 and we’ll send you a link to join. This week your child will be on the search for someone they love during your time together. That’s right! The whole family is involved today!

On-demand. Watch anytime during the week on nhckidstime.com. 

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July 24/25, 2021