2 Years Old through Pre K 5 Year Olds

March 28th & 29th

Thanks for joining us on-line today. To stay connected with us and other parents just like you during this time, please follow us on Parents of New Hope Facebook Group and on Twitter @nhcparents1. We are also hosting a parent group-chat on Mon., March 30 from 1-2 pm, and again on Tues., March 31st from 7-8 pm.  Click https://zoom.us/j/7176922086  any time during those hours to join in. We want to check in, see how everyone is doing, and find out how we can best serve you. We want to hear from you, so please log on.  


Today, watch the video lesson, download the coloring sheet and Parent Cue and send us pictures of your coloring pages on our Parents of New Hope Facebook Group.

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