Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Thanks for joining us on-line for Remix/Revolution (K-5th grade). You can join us on Parents of New Hope Facebook Group to get the latest information, connect with other parents, and post pictures of your child doing the weekly challenge. You can also upload pictures and videos to You might just see your pictures during the service next week! 


Watch the video today then follow it up with some discussion using the questions below and the Kid Devo.  Download the Parent Cue for more ideas on how to continue the lesson throughout the week.     


Discussion Questions:

  • If we can’t see Jesus, how do we know He’s real?

  • What would you tell someone who doesn’t believe God or Jesus exists?

  • What do we see around us that helps us know God is real?

  • When you have doubts about your faith, who can you talk to?

  • What if you haven’t figured out what you believe or what kind of faith you have? Is that okay? What can you do to start or continue figuring that out?


To stay connected with us and other parents during this time, please follow us and engage with the challenges and comments on our Parents of New Hope Facebook Group on Twitter @nhcparents1

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