December 17th & 18th Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts parent,

This time of year brings lots of excitement and anticipation! Your preschooler is still learning about time and can't wait until Christmas! As parents, we desire that our kids understand the true meaning of Christmas and in Sprouts this month we will be learning the Christmas. This week we learn about the Shepherds, their visit from the angel and then their visit to see baby Jesus. Click here for the Bible story.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to bathroom renovations, Sprouts 1 (normally in the blue room) will be in the purple room for this weekend. This room is in the hallway parallel to the regular classrooms. If you have a 3-5-year-old that usually goes into the red room, please take them to the bathroom before the service begins. We will have access to the bathrooms across the hall, but want to minimize these trips if possible. I appreciate your flexibility and understanding!

A great tool to have around the house this time of year is a nativity set…one that our kids can play with. Some families keep baby Jesus hidden to make his appearance on Christmas morning. It builds excitement and anticipation and helps keep the focus on Jesus. One of my favorite nativity sets is made by Fisher Price. This is the one we are using in Sprouts. You may be able to find one on a yard sale site.

The bottom line this month is "Jesus is God's Son!" Our Bible verse if "I bring you good news of great joy!" Luke 2:10.. Click here for the memory verse motions.

Please be sure to check out the Kids' Time website. It is full of information to continue learning at home. Check out this quick video that shows you all about the new site.



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