January 14th & 15th Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

Our theme this month in Sprouts is All the Time. Time is such a difficult concept for preschoolers. I remember when my oldest son was a preschooler, we measured things by Barney videos. So, if we were going to eat dinner in an hour, we’d say we are going to eat dinner after 2 Barney videos. Barney videos were the measure he could understand. No matter how we measure time, what we as parents want our kids to know is that Jesus is always there when we need him, which is our bottom line for this month.This week we are learning about when Jesus healed the deaf man. We will learn that the deaf man couldn’t hear or speak until Jesus healed him. A great activity to do at home is talk about our senses and how God wonderfully made us. Please remember if your child is sick (fever over 100 F, runny nose, cough, vomiting or diarrhea) or has been sick within the past 24 hours, please stay home and watch the church service online and use the online videos for your children as well.If you ever have and questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.



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