April 15th & 16th Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parents,

This weekend we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. We have a special day planned for our little ones that you won’t want to miss. Since we expect more than usual numbers we have made some adjustments.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can check in your family outside or inside.

  • Babies through two year olds will be downstairs in the classrooms behind the playground.

  • Three through five year olds will be upstairs in the rooms off the large group room.

  • All kids that can walk will be going on an Easter Egg hunt. Those that don’t walk yet will get a special present.

  • Arrive early to allow for extra time needed for check in and taking your kids to different spaces.

  • Let your child know that they will be in a different room this weekend and there will be special activities to celebrate Easter.

  • Visit the KT website to get all the info about what your child will be learning. Nhckidstime.com

We also have a Good Friday service from 6 – 9 pm on Friday. It’s a walk through experience and you can arrive any time between 6-8:30. If you want childcare for Sprouts aged kids you can check them in between 6 and 7pm. We won’t be checking in any kids after 7 so that our volunteers can also experience the event.

If you have any questions you can email me at Stephanie.schleyer@newhope.org


Stephanie Schleyer

Director of Family Life Ministry

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