May 27th & 28th Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parents,

This is our final week for our “Come to the Castle” theme. I hope your child has enjoyed it as much as we have! The world of pretend is so much fun! One thing that is emphasized during our lesson time is that we are telling true stories from the Bible. At this age, your preschooler needs your help differentiating the make-believe world from true stories. Asking your preschooler if something is real or make believe is fun, you never know what response you will get. Have fun during these teachable moments!

I know many of you will be traveling over this holiday weekend. If you won’t be at church, make sure to take advantage of the Bible story and music videos on the Kids’ Time website.

Promotion is coming! Over the next few weeks you will receive all the details you need to know. If your 4 or 5 year old is NOT going to Kindergarten, please let me know, you can email here-

Each week we have around 25 volunteers in Sprouts and even more upstairs in Remix and Revolution to implement the lessons we have planned. We are always in need of more volunteers who are willing to invest in the lives of our children. With summer approaching our needs are even greater. Would you be willing to give back to our kids by volunteering? The Kids’ time staff will help you find the right are for you to serve and make sure you feel equipped. Please email me if you would like to volunteer or even just start a discussion about it. We really need you!

Much love,

Sherry Feehs

Kids’ Time Coordinator Preschool Ministries

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