July 1st & 2nd Parent Note for Sprouts

Happy Summer! In Sprouts we are continuing our Kids Rock theme for the month of July. We will continue learning about kids in the Bible and the great things they did for God. This week we learn about Daniel and his three friends (Daniel 1) who chose to follow the diet that God wanted them to eat instead of the choice foods of the king. Our activities give us the opportunity to talk about healthy food choices. This is a great topic to talk about at home with your preschooler when they are playing in their own little kitchen or helping you in your kitchen. Kids love to help with food preparation. I found as a parent, these were special teachable moments with my kids…though sometimes a bit messy!

Many families travel over the summer which is great to experience new places and spend time with extended family. One way to keep the routine of church is to watch the Bible story and music DVD’s on the Kids’ Time website. It only takes about 10 minutes but the value will last a lifetime.

If you were to visit our Sprouts classrooms, you would see your children engaged in activities that introduce and reinforce the lesson as well as singing, dancing and learning stories from the Bible. Our volunteers to a wonderful job! We would love to have you join us!

One of the goals of Kids’ Time is to come alongside you in your role as parents. This is why we have the Kids’ Time website and have the videos, messages and Parent Cue available to you, to give ideas to continue learning about God at home. I came across an article about toddlers that I thought would be helpful to those who are in those challenging months of “No! Mine! And I do it myself!” It offers helpful tips to meet the needs of your toddler. Click here to read

I’d love to know what type of topics of interest you may have as a parent. Please send me an email to let me know!

Happy July 4th!



Kids’ Time Coordinator Preschool Ministries


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