July 15th & 16th Parent Note for Sprouts

This week in Sprouts we continue with our Kids Rock theme. We will learn about Josiah who became king of Israel at the age of 8! We will hear how he did things God’s way by having the scripture read aloud and also knocked down idols. A way to have fun and review this story at home is to build with blocks and knock them down just like Josiah did.

One of the things we want to teach our kids is to love and help others and our preschoolers have a natural capacity to do this! New Hope has great opportunities to give to those in our community who are in need. We will be collecting food this week for Lorton Community Action Center, (LCAC). Last week if you were at church, your child received a bag you can fill. If not, you can fill any bag and bring it in. To involve your preschooler, you may want to take them shopping with you and help you choose the food and/or you may want to choose light weight food items so they can help carry the bag to the delivery station when you enter the building. They will be so proud of themselves, as they should be! Food collection will be this weekend and next weekend, July 22 & 23, 2017.

Be sure to check out the Kids’ Time website for the Parent Cue, memory verse and videos we will see this weekend!



Kids’ Time Coordinator Preschool Ministries


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