September 16th & 17th Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

We continue our Sprouts theme of Super Kids! We are learning that when we know God is always with us, we can be super! If you need a super hero cape in your home, the dollar store is a great place to find them and where we purchased the capes we are wearing in class. We are having lots of fun marching around the room and practicing our super hero poses. This would be a fun activity to do at home while you talk about the Bible story.

This week your child will meet another woman from the Bible, Rahab and learn how her trusting God kept two spies safe. When God is with us, we can be courageous.

I love the memory verse this month. It is a verse that will serve us all well to memorize. I encourage you to memorize it with your children. The motions can help us as parents as well as the children! Have fun!

Be strong (put right forearm and wrist out in front of you, similar to Wonder Woman)

And courageous (put left forearm and wrist out in front of you and hit wrists together)

Do not be afraid (wind up in a crazy karate chop pose and chop down on the word “afraid”)

For the Lord (point your right hand up)

Your God (point your left hand up)

Goes with you (put both hands on hips in a ‘strong’ pose)

Deuteronomy 31:6 (hold out hands like a book).

On the Kids’ Time website you will also find a video of the motions.

You may know this already, but toddlers have super powers and you can back that up with science! Read more here



Kids’ Time Coordinator Preschool Ministries

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