October 7th & 8th Parent Note for Remix/Revolution

Hi Remix, Revolution & SPIN Parents,

We start the month with something David wrote in Psalm 24:1, The earth belongs to the Lord. And so does everything in it. The world belongs to him. And so do all those who live in it, (NIrV). What David wrote at the start of this Psalm is an important reminder. As we head into a month talking about stewardship, we want kids to focus on the Creator and how everything big and small, seen and unseen, belongs to God.

Bottom Line: Remember, everything belongs to the Lord. Kids have an easy time claiming what’s theirs. One of the first words a child learns is “mine!” We want kids to understand that what they have is actually on loan to us. Remembering that everything belongs to God is the first step in choosing to use what we have wisely, because what we have belongs to God.

Head over to our Kids' Time Website to check out the bible story video, worship songs, weekly devotional, parent cue and much more!

See you this weekend!

Courtney Straightiff

Coordinator of Elementary Ministry

New Hope Church


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