January 27/28 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

We conclude this month with something else only Jesus can do…turn water into wine, or ‘super fancy party drink’ as it’s referred to in our Bible story video. Preschoolers don’t understand what wine is, but they know it’s a party when they have special juice boxes or punch! We will be doing an “experiment” turning water into super fancy party drink with the help of Kool-Aid. This would be something you can do at home as well.

Is your child annoying? I’m not calling anyone or any kids out…truthfully if you asked my family they would tell you I’m annoying and on an honest day I would also tell my that my kids can be annoying as well…even my adult kids. 😊 And, what about someone else’s annoying kids? Oh my…tough to navigate! Click here for some advice from our Parent Cue You can listen to the full podcast or read the summary. I love and am encouraged by this quote, “What if a kid’s most annoying trait is their biggest talent in disguise?” Josh Shipp.

As I finish, I’m reminded of this month’s bottom line…Jesus can do anything! This is so important for us to remember as we feel challenged in our every day activities. It is also important to imprint this in the hearts of our preschoolers. Be sure to check out the Parent Cue for more ways to teach your child at home.

Much love,


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