February 10/11 Parent Note for Remix/Revolution

Hi Remix, Revolution & SPIN Parents,

This week we learn one of Jesus’ teachings on kindness in Matthew 25:35-40. For one reason or another, people are overlooked every day—no one even notices them, much less shows kindness to them. But Jesus says that when we show kindness to one of the least of these, it’s as if we’re showing kindness to Him. We hope to discover how they can show kindness to people who are overlooked in their world. We will be talking to the kids about how they can show kindness to those who are overlooked, especially kids who they know, namely the kids with special needs in our program and at their schools.

Head over to our Kids' Time Website where you can see our Bible story video of the week, worship music, parent cue and much more!

We have a baptism coming up at the end of the month. If you’re child has expressed an interest in getting baptized check out our Start Here Guide. Look through the guide together and let me know if you’d like more information on how to guide your child to the important decision of following Christ.

​See you this weekend!


Courtney Straightiff Director of Elementary Ministry New Hope Church


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