February 3/4 Parent Note for Remix/Revolution

Hi Remix, Revolution & SPIN Parents,

One of the greatest joys of being a parent is the opportunity to walk your child through his or her decision to follow Christ; but we understand that this can also be one of the most daunting tasks! The questions you might ask yourself are as practical as they are unnerving. Is my child ready? Will I say the right thing? How will I know my child understands? We want to help. Join us for one of our upcoming baptism information sessions being held on Saturday, Feb 3rd at 6:45 pm or Sun, Feb 4th at 12:30 in the Remix Room. You can take a look at our Parent Conversation Guide to get the ball rolling.

We start the month talking about the foundation for our kindness. In Titus 3:4-7, Paul talked about God’s amazing kindness towards us. God poured out His kindness when He sent Jesus to rescue us from the consequences of our sin. We can have life forever because of God’s kindness and love. During small group time we will be talking about our key question: What does kindness look like? as well as our weekly bottom line: Be kind to others because God is kind to you.

Head over to our Kids' Time Website where you can see our Bible story video of the week, worship music, parent cue and much more!

**Our January Commitment Card incentive has come to a close. If you’re child completed the weekly devotionals throughout the month of January please be sure to have them bring their Commitment card with them so they will get a prize after service**

​See you this weekend!


Courtney Straightiff Director of Elementary Ministry New Hope Church


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