March 17/18 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

We often refer to March like a lion or a lamb, but in Sprouts this month it will be fish and who can follow Jesus. This month is all about Jesus as we prepare for Easter. We will see how He taught the disciples to be fishers of men. They learned this by following Jesus and we want our preschoolers to know that they can follow Jesus too!

In week three, we stick to the idea of “Follow Me” and meet Matthew the tax collector. Our story focus is anyone can follow Jesus. Even though Matthew had made some bad choices and wasn’t liked by the masses, he still followed Jesus when He asked. We can all follow Jesus, even when we’ve made bad choices.

Did you know we have a “Parents of New Hope” Facebook page? This is a Facebook group where moms and dads can connect and share insights, ideas, and support. You’ll hear from the New Hope staff about upcoming programs and topics that affect our babies to post-graduates. Everyone who parents and attends New Hope, is thinking about attending, or used to attend, is welcome. Visit to join!

I hope to see you on the Facebook group as well as over the weekend!

Much love,


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