April 14/15 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

This week we get to hear the amazing story of how Saul changed when he met Jesus. He went from hurting people who loved Jesus to telling everyone about Jesus! Our story focus is “people can change when they know Jesus.” Saul’s change to Paul is a drastic one, but everyone changes when they learn about Jesus. Our goal is to teach our preschoolers to tell others about Jesus, so everyone has a chance to know Him and able changed by His love.

Sometimes as parents we think it is difficult to bring Jesus into our everyday lives. It’s hard enough just getting food on the table and semi clean clothes on our kids. The Parent Cue is designed for us, busy parents who really desire to include Jesus in our day, but don’t have the time or energy to figure out how do to it.

Here is a suggestion for bath time from this month’s Parent Cue: “Add one of your child’s favorite water-safe toys to bath time. Encourage your child to pretend with the toy to go to different places (park, store, school, vacation spot, etc.) and tell people the big news that Jesus is alive.”

Great idea, right? My next problem is how to remember to do this. The Parent Cue can be downloaded and copied so you can print from home. Print, cut, and post it where you will see it. The Parent Cue, on the Kids’ Time website nhckidstime.com , changes monthly and give us practical application for what we are learning in Sprouts.

I hope you have great adventures in the bathtub this week, telling our “friends” about “Jesus is alive!”



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