May 12/13 Parent Note for Remix/Revolution

Have you ever checked out our Kids’ Time website It’s made with you in mind. Ever wonder what that song your kid is singing from the weekend? What the Bible Story was or how you can ask relevant questions once you’re home? You can find all of it on the website. The songs and bible story videos and scripture references, memory verse, bottom lines, and ideas just for parents in the Parent Cue. Be sure to check it out this week. We begin a new series all about honesty.

Also we have a baptism coming up in June. If you think your child is ready or if they are just asking a lot of questions about becoming a follower of Jesus, join us at one of our information meetings on May 19 & 20 after the services in the Large Group room where Remix meets.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Steph Schleyer

Director of Family Ministry

703-971-4673 #262

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