July 7/8 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

We are going to keep on riding in our bikes and trikes theme, but will have a new bottom line, God’s Word is with me wherever I go. Our new Bible verse is “I have hidden your word in my heart.” Psalm 119:11. This week the truth we want the kids to hide in their heart is found in Psalm 139 – God made me and I am wonderfully made!

We will continue the Parent Challenge with our Follow the Sign craft and a weekly activity to do at home. I hope you are enjoying this way to apply what we are learning at home.

One thing I loved to do with my kids was read to them…I have memories of holding my one-year son with my leg to keep him seated for the 8-word board book. Eventually, he learned to sit and I learned to read fast. God Made Me is a baby book that reinforces one of the things we want our kids to know before they leave Sprouts. Here is an Amazon link, though you could find it many other places.

For preschoolers a good book for this theme is The Bike Lesson with the Berenstain Bears. This is one that you will read for years. Click here.

I would love to know what we can do to help you in your parenting journey!

Please feel free to email me, sherry.feehs@newhope.org



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