July 21/22 Parent Note for Remix/Revolution

Dear Remix, Revolution & SPIN Parents,

The Emoji we are talking about this weekend is the crazy face Emoji. Children will learn that it is okay to stand up and stand out for their faith through a story found in Joshua 6:1-6. In this story, Joshua and all the Israelites obeyed God by marching around Jericho looking a little crazy.

Try quizzing your child on the memory verse: Are we “out of our minds”, as people say? If so, it is because we want to serve God. 2 Corinthians 5:13 (NlrV). Once children can recite this verse, they will earn a wacky face emoji wristband!

Here are some discussion starters to make this lesson stick:

  • What was so strange about how God told Joshua and the Israelites to attack Jericho?

  • What happened when the Israelites obeyed God and marched around the city?

  • How can we stand out for Jesus?

Have a blessed week!

Natalie Sullivan

Director of Elementary Ministry



(703) 971-4673 Ext. 212

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