July 28/29 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

This is the last week with our Bikes and Trikes theme! I hope you have had a great time with all the signs at home to reinforce what we have been learning at weekend services.

I saw on Facebook that one of our preschool boys asked his mom what the most special book is. When she said, what? “He responded the Bible. It’s the most special book ever and it’s God’s book!” Seeing comments like this make my heart so happy! It means that our kids are learning what our volunteers are teaching and modeling…and our parents are inviting God into their everyday lives! Always remember, you as the parent have the biggest impact in your child’s life. Taking the time for these seemingly little conversations during your day build a solid faith foundation for your child!

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Let’s take small steps today in the direction of our kids! Please let me know how you do this is your home!



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