August 18/19 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

We have a new theme for August, Anchors Away! Our bottom line is “God’s Way is Perfect.” And our Bible verse is 2 Samuel 22:31 which repeats our bottom line, “God’s Way is perfect.”

This week we learn that we can help others go God’s way. We will learn about young King Josiah. He was only a kid when he told an entire nation that God’s way is perfect.

Do you have a little one starting school this year? Click here for a great article entitled “How to be Okay when your Baby starts school.”

Looking to add to your children’s book collection? Having an age appropriate, preschoolers, children’s Bible is a great addition. I heard a Christian author and mom say she learned about the Bible from a children’s Bible because it was easier for her to understand. You and your kids could learn together. Click here to check out a great Children’s Bible.

Another way to connect and receive some parenting tips is on the Parents of New Hope Facebook group. Click here to join.

I hope you have fun with this new theme…you may want to look for some toy boats for the bathtub!



Director of Preschool Ministry

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