September 1/2 Parent Note for Sprouts

Dear Sprouts Parent,

This month’s Colorific theme is going to help us teach our preschoolers that God keeps His promises. We want them to grow up knowing that God always keeps His promises! We will be exploring colors this month and your preschooler may tell you about new colorful ribbons for worship and new multicolored crayons.

To make your own multicolored crayons click here. Your preschoolers can help take the paper off the crayons…it’s way harder that it looks! They can also help you break the crayons in preparation for the silicone mold.

This week we begin with the story of Moses and God’s promise to always be with us. We want preschoolers to know that God is always with them, just like He was with Moses. And we have a GREEN bush that will not burn up to help with that.

Baby parents, do you ever feel insecure? There is a great, quick to read article on the Baby Parent Cue this month. Found on the Kids’ Time website. You may think the info is geared only to preschool parents, but there is actually something for every parent from babies through preschool.

Speaking of babies, do you like to hold cute, cuddly babies? We have many needs in our Sprouts 1, baby room at all services. If you are willing to play with a baby for an hour, please email Jessica Woodcock by clicking here.



Director of Preschool Ministry

703-971-4673 #293

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