November 3/4 Parent Note for Sprouts

November 1st, 2018

Happy November!

Our theme for November is Happy Helpers! In the past we’ve talked about all the ways we can help others. This month, we want to look at helping from a different angle and focus on being thankful for the many people who help us. So, welcome to the Happy Helpers Club! As you go about your day, talk to your kids about the various people who have helped or served your family and how you can be thankful for them. This is a great way to connect home with what they are learning at church.I’ll be talking about gratitude all month long on our Parents of New Hope Facebook page and would love for you join the conversation and let us know how you are showing gratitude. You can check it out here .

Our Bible verse this month is, “Always give thanks to God.” Ephesians 5:20. Our bottom line is, “I am thankful for people who help me. This week we learn about Tabitha who made clothes for people. Why not include your preschooler in the laundry process? They could help sort and match socks. Talk about how clothes are made and how washing/drying takes care of them.

There are two things I love! The first is to shop! The second is getting a great deal! If you are like me, this week is a great time to shop as all the Halloween costumes will be on sale…think of your usual stores like Target and Walmart, but also think of Joanne Fabrics and craft stores. You’ll get great deals 50-70 % off and can add to your dress up collection. Preschoolers love to use their imagination and dress up as other characters.

Actually. there are many things I love and the last I’ll mention today is really the best…seeing the church work together to help others! In this case, it’s seeing our youngest kids get involved in feeding starving children. We raised $163.81 for FMSC! That covers the cost to feed 2 children for an entire year!

I hope you have a great time looking for people who help us this month!



Preschool Director Kids’ Time Ministries


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