November 10/11 Parent Note for Sprouts

Hi Sprouts Parent,

This month as we teach our preschoolers to look for helpers in their lives, we can also look for and be thankful for the people who help us! Our Kids’ Time website is a great resource for you to connect home and church.

I love the prayer that is in this month’s Baby Parent Cue. While this prayer is in the Baby Parent Cue, I think it is relevant for parents of kids of all ages. It says, “Dear God. Thank You for choosing me to be this little boy/girl’s mom/dad. I pray You will surround me with people who will help me be the parent he/she needs me to be. I love You God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” I encourage you to take a look at the resources provided on the website to find ways to include God in your daily discussions and activities. You can find all the Parent Cue activities and more here.

When my kids were young, I loved having books that coordinated with the season. There are two books I love for being thankful. First is Thank You God by P.K. Hallinan. Click here for a link. The second is God Gave Us Thankful Hearts by Lisa Tawn Bergen. Click here. I hope your family enjoys these books as much as mine did!



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