November 24/25 Parent Note for Sprouts

November 21, 2018

Hi Sprouts Parents,

Thanksgiving week is finally here! Chaos may be increasing, like we need more chaos, right?! You get everything packed, loaded in the car, turn out of your neighborhood and then… “Are we there yet?”, “How long will it take to get there?”, “Can we turn a video on?”, “I don’t want that video !”, “He’s touching me!”, “She’s looking at me!”, “I’m hungry!” You can probably add your family flavor to the noise and are probably dreading it…as least I did. Right when we are supposed to be thankful, we have less than generous thoughts, or are maybe considering duct tape!

I’m sorry to say, I can’t wave my magic wand to make your holiday travels…magical, but I can tell you that this year is the only year you will have your 2-year-old. Next year he/she will be 3 and then 4. There are unique qualities of each age. You don’t want to miss the uniqueness of this year! I miss the questions my kids used to ask. Now, they ask Google or a friend. I miss singing with them in the car. Now, they can’t hear me because of their earbuds. I even miss the potty breaks when they needed to stand on my feet to be able to reach the sink to wash their chubby hands. Don’t miss these precious moments with your kids. They are once in a lifetime. One of the most important parts of my job is to partner with you, to encourage you and make sure there are resources available to help you continue to teach your children at home. And, to point out once in a while, that you will miss this age, eventually.

If you are away for Thanksgiving, consider watching the dance and Bible story videos on the Kids’ Time website. Click here for the website. While you are in the car, search for people who are helpers and thank God for how they help us. Another way to be connected is to like our Parents of New Hope Facebook Page. Some exciting things are coming that you don’t want to miss! Click here to join!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you and for your preschoolers!



Preschool Director Kids’ Time Ministries

703-971-4673 ext.293

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