January 12/13 Parent Note for SPIN/Remix/Revolution

Dear Remix, Revolution, & SPIN Families,

This weekend, we look at Proverbs 16:32, where Solomon uses the idea of a fighting warrior to help us understand that, regardless of the situation, being patient and keeping our cool is always the wise choice. The bottom line is- Think before you lose your temper. God can give us the strength we need to pause and think about the consequences of our actions. Rather than letting our anger get the better of us, God can help us show patience and keep the situation under control. In Revolution, the key question is- What can you do to keep your cool? Just because you know that you should keep your cool, doesn’t mean you know how to do it. We want kids to figure out the ways they can keep calm during stressful situations.

Here are two questions you can ask your kids to reinforce what was taught this weekend:

  1. What are some things you can do to stay calm?

  2. Give an example of when you kept your cool and it was not easy. What did you do to remind yourself to have self-control?

Do you know about our upcoming Family Night, Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 7 pm? Click here for the link to sign up and get more information. Parenting can be hard and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. When we church and parents work together, we can have a bigger impact on our kids’ futures. We have so much to teach our kids and time is running out. We will be talking about how you can be more intentional with the time you have with your family this year. It’s going to be a fun, interactive night, and I hope you can make it!

In Him,

Natalie Sullivan

Director of Elementary Ministry

New Hope Church



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