January 26/27 Parent Note for SPIN/Remix/Revolution

Hello Remix, Rev, & SPIN Parents,

We close out the month with another one of Solomon’s vivid word pictures in Proverbs 25:16. We will find out what happens when we indulge and eat too much. But this Proverb isn’t just about how much we eat. Kids will learn that too much of anything, even if it’s a good thing, can have serious consequences. The Bottom Line is- Know when to stop. Knowing when to stop isn’t always easy for kids. A lot of times it’s a parent or teacher who helps them know it is time to stop what they’re doing and take a break. We hope that kids start to see that stopping something—even if it’s fun—can be the wisest choice. We also want them to know they don’t need to do this on their own. God will help them know when to stop. In Revolution, the Key Question is- How do you know when to stop? We start our small group discussion with a question that will help preteens create boundaries for how they spend their time. We don’t always know it is time to stop until it’s too late. We pray that our preteens become more self-aware about the times when they need to trust God to help them stop.

Here are two questions you can ask your child to reinforce what was taught in church:

  1. How do you recognize when you need to stop doing something?

  2. Who can you depend on to help you stop?

We will be having a Baptism Interest Meeting on this weekend (January 26/27). If your child has expressed any interest in getting Baptized, come to the large room after any service. We can answer any questions your child may have, and begin the next steps if your child is ready. Baptism weekend will be February 23/24.

We also begin our sock drive this week. During the month of February, we will be collecting socks for Central Union Mission (the same folks that do the muffins). We will be teaching the kids the value of serving as we collect these socks for those that go through winter without socks. As a church, we believe in the value of serving and encourage our kids to do so as well. They might not have money to purchase socks, but they can earn money, or they could give something up like pizza on Friday night or buying another video game so they could buy socks. Giving something up so others could have socks is definitely serving, and a valuable lesson.

We want to partner with you all to teach your children what it means to follow Jesus. We do this in many ways. One of those ways is through our Parents of New Hope Facebook Page. We post about upcoming events, share recent articles, and provide encouragement. If you aren’t a part of our Facebook Community, join here. Another way we are working to partner with you all is through our Parent Night. Our Family Life Ministry Director, Stephanie Schleyer, and Director of Preschool Ministry, Sherry Fees, will lead a discussion on how you can be more intentional with the time you have with our kids this year. This event has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 24th at 7 pm. If you haven't signed up, you still can! Please sign up here.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!

In Him,

Natalie Sullivan

Director of Elementary Ministry

New Hope Church



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