February 2/3 Parent Note for SPIN/Remix/Revolution

Hello Remix, Revolution, & SPIN Parents,

February will be a month of service in our Elementary Ministry. Kids will learn what it means to serve. We start in John 13:1-17 where Jesus offered an incredible example of service. When the disciples show up to the meal with Jesus, their feet would have been dirty from walking the roads of Jerusalem. Their feet would have been disgusting! Instead of allowing a servant to come and wash their feet, Jesus took a basin and a towel and did the work Himself. The disciples were astonished that their Lord would stoop to such a level. The Bottom Line is- Serve others because of what Jesus did for us. When we need that extra measure of strength to do what it takes to help others in need, we can remember all that Jesus did for us. He not only lived a life a service, but He gave His life as the ultimate example of service. We reflect His character when we serve the people around us. In Revolution, the Key Questions is- Why should you serve others? Service often includes going above and beyond to help someone in need. For many preteens, they might wonder why they should go to all that work. This question gives them a chance to discuss why it’s worth it to go out of their way to serve and help point others to Jesus.

Here are two questions you can ask your child to reinforce what was taught during church:

1.) What does the word service mean?

2.) How did Jesus serve others in the Bible Story today?

Some things going on this month:

Sock Drive. We will be collecting new, white crew socks for the Central Union Mission in Washington, DC for the homeless. You can drop socks in the box outside of the Remix or Revolution Room. Our hope is to warm some SOLES with the love of Jesus this February. Vouchers can also be purchased for $10 each, and we will do the shopping for you! Simply click here. Thanks!

Baptism. Baptism Weekend is February 23rd & 24th. This means that all Elementary aged kids will be in the adult service to be a part of the celebration!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!

In Him,

Natalie Sullivan

Director or Elementary Ministry

New Hope Church



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